Modular Learning

The Libre Fighting Modular Learning System (LFMLS) is a groundbreaking new way of learning the discipline of the knife. It is an ideal way for Instructors to implement Libre Knife Fighting into their schools existing curriculum.

The LFMLS is a private instructional program broken down into 8 levels. At the completion of each level, the student is awarded a corresponding Associate Level rank, and is authorized to implement that material into their schools curriculum.

At the completion of the final level, the student is awarded the rank of Certified Trainer, and is authorized to award rank within Libre Fighting.


Training in San Diego: $199.00 per level.

At your Location: $250.00/Level + travel and lodging expenses. (Two levels per trip is highy recommended)

Ask about seminar/LDMLS package deals

(photo courtesy of Ed's Manifesto)