Distance Training

The Libre Fighting Distance Learning Program  

The Libre Fighting Distance Learning Program (LFDLP) offers everyone, regardless of location, a path to immerse themselves in the discipline of Libre Fighting and eventually, if they so desire, join the network of Certified Trainers teaching Libre Fighting all over the world.

ABOUT THE PACKAGE: When you enroll in Phase 1 of the LFDLP, you learn more than the movements and techniques of Libre Fighting. As a participant in the program you also undertake an exploration of the history, culture, customs, and ideology of the system..

Included in the Phase One Training Package: The Libre Knife Fighting 4 Disc DVD Set

-Interviews with leading practitioners of Libre Fighting
-Sparring footage
-Techniques being shown full speed by advanced practitioners
-Training drills
-Knife carrying options

 -The Libre Fighting Training Manual

-Frequently Asked Questions
-The History and development of Libre Fighting
-Libre Fighting customs
-The Libre Fighting mindset
-Principles of Libre Fighting
-Skill Sets 1-5 Lesson Plan  

Phase 1 Training DVD  

Finding Libre Book   .


Participants must be at least 18 years old!

The participant will film themselves working the material in each lesson and upload it to their Youtube account as a UNLISTED video, then email the link to LibreFighting@Yahoo.com.

At the completion of Phase One, the participant will be given the option to move into Phase Two of the LFDLP.

At the completion of Phase Two, the participant will be given the option of training privately here in San Diego (Phase Three) to become a Certified Libre Fighting Trainer. Libre Fighting Trainers are authorized to run their own Libre Fighting Chapter and promote students up to instructor status within their organization.

We do offer another option for the in-person part of the certification process. To help offset the cost of travel, arrangements can often be made to bring myself or a Master Disciple to your location for certification. While there, we will conduct a 4-hour seminar at no additional charge to help you cover the travel expenses involved, and to help bring awareness to your new Chapter. Arranging the seminar and recruiting students is the responsibility of the program participant, but we will help advertise the event through our online resources. .

PHASE ONE: $239.00 .

PHASE TWO: $239.00

PHASE THREE: $350.00 in San Diego.

($450.00 + Travel and Lodging at if done at your location. Seminar if conducted at no additional charge.) . We know some of you have already purchased the The Libre Knife Four Disc Set. If this is the case the price of Phase one is $120.00      

Libre Fighting Distance Learning Program Phase 1 $239.00 (includes shipping)

Libre Fighting Distance Learning Program Phase 1 & 2 Package $439.00 (includes shipping)