Libre Knife Fighting is a direct and aggressive street-based discipline, designed to break through an opponents defense using as array of feints, footwork, body angling, checks, locks, and clearing motions.

Our knife training is unique, in that it is one of the few disciplines where the practitioner learns the art of attacking with the blade, rather than waiting to respond to a bladed attack. We believe that waiting for an aggressor to actually take a slash at you is tantamount to waiting for someone with a gun to pull the trigger. If someone is threatening you with a blade, and is close enough to cut you, you should be attacking.

Knife fighting is a dangerous and unforgiving endeavor that no one in his or her right mind would ever engage in willingly. Even those who are adept in the use of the blade may emerge victorious and still sustain life-ending injuries in an actual knife fight. That being said, cultivating skill with the blade can greatly increase your odds for survival should you ever have to engage in knife combat.

(photo courtesy of Ed's Manifesto)


Libre Street Boxing is the unarmed aspect of Libre Fighting. LSB is based in western boxing principles but also utilizes heabutts, elbows, sweeps, picks, flesh manipulations and biting techniques.

(photo courtesy of Ed's Manifesto)


Developed and spearheaded by Ed Calderon, Atra Manus is a unorthodox curriculum of strangulations and flesh manipulations designed to prevent an opponent from deploying a weapon, or to impede an attacker while deploying a weapon of your own. This methodology was designed to minimize risk to ones own hands in violent altercations, so that the ability to use a weapon, once deployed, with not be diminished.

Not for the feint of heart, this methodology heavily incorporates eye gouges, fish hooks, neck breaks, a brutal collection of extremely violent tactics collected from a multitude of cultures.

(photo courtesy of Ed's Manifesto)


Libre Razor is the art of fighting with the straight razor. The razor movements are fast, chaotic and deceptive.


Scythe Method is a combatives program that was designed specifically to meet the needs of Special Forces and high-risk operators. This is not a knife combat system, but a methodology in which the blade is deployed and used for weapons retention, in situations of firearms failure, in anti abduction scenarios and for sentry removal.

This system was developed, tested and refined with the input and feedback of Special Forces operatives, based on their real life encounters. Training in Scythe Method is unique, in that it is done in body armor, wearing combat gear, with focus placed on confronting heavily armed, armored attackers.

(photo courtesy of Ed's Manifesto)