Reaper Method - La Mano Two Disc DVD Set

Introducing Reaper Method — La Mano, a comprehensive look at unarmed combatives  for the street. This series will take you through striking, clenching, takedowns, ground striking, and street-effective chokes. Reaper Method — La Mano is brutal, efficient, dirty, and not for the faint of heart!


Disc 1 

Street Boxing

Body Clench Work

Neck Clench Work

Wall Work

Prevent Weapon Deployment

Weapon Retention 

Disc 2

Street Takedowns

Striking on the Ground


Weapon Deployment

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Libre Fighting Conceptu DVD -- NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Conceptu represents a new evolution in the way Libre Fighting is being taught. Moving from a technique-based curriculum to a more conceptual dynamic learning platform. A methodology where the student is no longer learning specific techniques per se, but how to put different combinations together in a dynamic situation dynamic edged-weapons encounter. Conceptu also introduces solo training applications, and is ideally suited for people who don't have the luxury of training in a group setting regularly.

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Tao of the Reaper - Print and Ebook - NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!

A detailed, full-color, look at the knife combat system that has taken the world by storm! Study the history, development, principles, and culture of Libre Fighting. Learn about endemic considerations and weapon selection. Explore sample techniques and unique training modifiers.

Reaper Method Percussio DVD NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

Reaper Method Percussio (RMP) is a dynamic new approach to bladed combat. An approach that's not for the feint of heart, RMP takes knife work to a rougher, more brutal, more visceral place. Developed from a comprehensive study of actual knife assaults, this curriculum takes the most efficient elements found in this research and blends them with a Libre Fighting base. RMP focuses on rapid-fire stabbing attacks combined with devastating strikes designed to break down an opponent in the most expedient manner possible.
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Reaper Method - Tredecim DVD & Manual Set AVAILABLE NOW!

Inspired by Iaido (the traditional Japanese martial art of sword drawing), Reaper Method — Tredecim (RMT) is the Libre Fighting approach of bringing a pocket knife into play and launching an attack in a single fluid motion. 

Broken down into thirteen simple techniques, RMT addresses dealing with attackers approaching from any angle as well as preventing them from drawing their own weapon while deploying yours. 

$59.95 (included domestic and international shipping)

Skill Set 5 and Selected Skills!!!

Disc 1 - Skill Set 5

Brachial Artery Stab w/Q cut
Descending Slash into Ripcord
Grizz Maul
Push Cut
Arm Fillet
Throat Stab
Femoral Spike
Questions & Answers

Disc 2 - Selected Skills

Concealed Blade Applications
Multiple Opponent Entries
Dynamic Entry Samples
Base Disruption Samples
The Eye Spike

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The Libre Knife Skill Sets 1-4 DVDs Now Available for Download

Begin you Libre Fighting training in minutes!

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